Monday, March 9, 2009

Our first Town home!

This is Nick and I's first town home we loved it! But decided we better be smart move out and save 1,200 or so a month a lot for newly weds:) We are sad but it is all for the best. Random post but Kait keeps asking to see our place. So... enjoy!

Our cute zebra bedroom he loved it:)

Nick was amazing and let me have to closet he took the little one in the office... love you!

This is the guest bathroom

The guest bedroom... empty if you can't tell:)

The office... I took these pictures in the middle of packing so our house was not as clean as it normally is.

The family room

The nook area with the real fireplace we loved it!

Our new microwave haha my bad

Our backyard we lived on the 8th hole of the Riverside Country Club Golf Course.

More of the family room mom and dad gave us tons of furniture we are lucky!

Our cute little baby kitchen

I love my kitchen aid so so cute thanks Grandma and Uncle Sutter!

The barstool area

The kitchen table thanks Megan and Blake with tons of stuff around ready to go.

Last family room

The 1/2 bath by the laundry room

And the laundry room so.... big! ha

Well that's it not the whole house but most of it:)


Kait said...

yay im so glad you posted pictures finally!!!!!!! Cute cute cute!!! Now since you guys moved again you will have to post pics of your new place:) LOVE YOU!!!

Mom said...

Darling first place, but I'm glad you decided to save some money and move in the east apt. We love having you two here. Hope your enjoying it too.
Love ya Mom

Aaron & Kensie said...

Oh I just love how cute you decorated your first apt. But I hate to say this...I like you new one alot better.Love you