Friday, April 17, 2009

Girls trip to Indiana!!!

This past week Me, Mom and Kens went to visit Trev, Holly, Max and Annika in Indiana it was so amazingly fun! We got to hang out with the kids all day long because Max is on Spring Break and most of Trevs work he does at home so it turned out to be perfect! We had so much fun we were able to have Easter with the kids Anni loved her candy she would find an egg open it eat the candy and do it again she is so funny! We ate so much amazing food thanks to Holly:) We were also able to relax, sing haha, go to the childrens museum,go to the flying cupcake, and just mess around. Thank you Trev and Holly for an amazing week!

So we got into Cinncinati and had to take a mini 50 or so passanger plane into Indianapolis and for some fun reason our plane malfunctioned and we had to get off cool story huh! No but it was such a cute little plane we had to walk down to the runway to get on it luckly the wait didn't take very long.

Isn't he so... cute!

One day Me, Mom and Kens went shopping at H & M and Forever 21 than went to a restaurant called Stir Crazy it was super fun!

The Kids getting ready to go on an Easter egg hunt it was so fun to watch them thye loved it!

Annika loving her candy!

Chillin at the childrens museum

Super Girls!

Mom just couldn't get enough of the treehouse and slide :)

Easter sunday....These kids love her so cute!

But they wouldn't make it work for us.... figures haha

I just loved this Mario:)

And hello kitty haha

Apparently the Jonas brothers.

And Hannah Montana

Annika loved this scooter!

I am so.. amazing on the skateboard.


Mom said...

Awesome post of Indiana and our favorite people who live there. I am missing them so much already. I'm so glad us girls were able to go together, it made it the best time ever. Love ya, Mom

Aaron & Kensie said...

your so dang good about updating your blog!!! I love it.. Me next

Holly said...

I love the skating pictures of you - they are hilarious!