Friday, June 5, 2009

Life as we know it!

Well it's been awhile since we have updated our blog so this is just catching up with life. We are both just working Nick at Alexanders all.... the time :) and I am working at Maglebys and a Family Practice Clinic as a MA thanks to our brother-in-law Blake. We are lovin life and are so super happy just having fun and loving the newlywed life!!!!

These pictures are all from Mothers Day Happy belated Mothers Day Mom's we love you both so very much and are so grateful to have such amazing women to look up to and learn such great examples from. Since Nick and I recently moved into my parents ward we were of course given the assignment to speak in Sacrament meeting but were so lucky to be able to speak on one of the greatest topics in the world MOTHERS! It was so great both of our Mothers were able to come and listen to us give our gratitude and thanks to them they are AMAZING! We love you again!!!!

Conner, Nick and I


This picture was taken at Kensie's Baby shower. I cannot tell you how excited I am to become an aunt again especially from Mckensie my wonderful amazing sister who I love so much. The babies name is going to be Maycie and she is due a month from yesterday! July 5th we are all so super excited to see how Mckensie does with this sweet little girl she will be such an amazing mom I am so excited for her and Aaron they are both so special to me I love them so very much!

Of course the season is here again the LAKE!!! And where better thanUtah Lake I know it's so.... clean haha no but we love it and have the best time going out and just cruisin, wakeboarding and surfing it is so much fun to go out there and just be on the lake!

This is on our trip down to St. George we got to take down our new 2003 Jaguar and test it out we love this car and are extremely happy with the amazing deal we were able to get on it. We went down to St. George with my family to do a weekend ride at Torquerville falls and Warner Valley they were both so... much fun! We love Warner Valley but some of the obsticles at Torquerville falls were pretty intese steep rock climbs I took a good spill over a little cliff and will have some good scars and stories to tell of my experiences riding with the boys. I am so excited that Nick LOVES riding as much as he does it has always been a joke in our family that if you can't ride you can't marry in:) Just kidding but Nick is amazing I was so suprised to see him ride with us the first time he did when we were dating and now to see him ride with the big boys it is fun! But back to the Torquerville falls ride we were able to ride through the falls and that was amazing especially when it was over 90 degrees it felt so so good! We had so much fun thanks for dragging down the bikes for us Dad we love you!

I know I know amazingly adorable faces :) haha

Admit it you love my glasses haha they are 3D from the movie UP haha

These are pictures we took in the care going home from our friends Jared and Tori Allens wedding at the Draper temple it was so fun to watch our friends get married I cannot believe it has already been 6 months for us!!! WHAT? Where does time go but it has been the best 6 months of my life hands down! :)

And last we were able to go to a Utah Valley Thunder indoor football game. The Alexanders did all of the printing for the team and have like 13 front row seats it was really fun we took Kens and Aaron with us it was different than I thought it would be but super fun!


MOM said...

Yeah, It's about time you updated your life. Loved reading and looking at the pictures of you and Nick together. You two are so fun and we love having you in our home. Thanks again for the amazing tribute on Mother's Day it was so very special. And for the memories we are continually making as a family. Love ya both, MOM

The Alexanders said...

Cute pictures! Glad you finally updated because it feels like we have not seen you for a long time! Looks like you are having lots of fun doing summer time things. (Post a pic of your hot new car since we can't see it in real life.)