Sunday, August 16, 2009

June and the 4th of July

Wow have I fallen behind I decided to finally update our blog so that we could remember some of the amazingly fun things we have done! These pictures were way back in June the night before Mandy, Mckay, Ellie and Clara left to be with Ryan in New Jersey. I decided I better post them before they get back tonight :) And I am so excited I have missed them so very much!

The week of the 4th the Alexanders fly their balloon for the balloon festival and I was able to take a ride again after a couple of years it was super fun! To make it even better I got to go with Uncle Scott it was really fun thanks again!

Random pictures but I had to show the Jag Nic got me I love it but I love my new bug more :) So we are trying to sell it anyone that wants one give us a call ha.

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Mom said...

Wow, I am so excited to get these precious grandkids home. Do you realize that Kenz is still pregnant in these pictures and has the baby 3 days later. Boy does time fly.