Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Honeymoon to Cancun

This was seriously the best vacation ever! We stayed at an all inclusive resort in Cancun Mexico where there was an unlimited supply of food, drinks, and entertainment. We stayed at a place called The Ocean Coral & Torquesa resort it was gorgeous... Ocean side, four pools, 7 restaurants, and a hot tub on your back porch. It was absolutely amazing! We had so much fun we love love love being married!


mom said...

Love all the amazing pictures of a beautiful couple on their spectacular honeymoon. I'm so glad you two finally got what you deserved, time away together.

Dad said...

Time away together, WHAT?????????? I am sorry hunny but if you didnt notice that is all these do is be together! Anyway, WOW, what a place down there, it looks likeyou guys had a great time and nice weather as well. Oh to be young again! Happy Honeymoon.