Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! It was our first Christmas together and it was so fun! We woke up went skiing at good old Sundance than went to Grandma and Grandpa Hills up to Mom and Dad Alexander! Thanks for everything we love you all.

Nick posing with his Christmas present typical:)


And again

Me cooking
Yes we just woke up
Nick, Whit, Clara and Mckay

Grandma and Grandpa Hill
Adorable Grandma


Kait said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! so so happy you have a blog so i can stay in better touch with you!! I Love you! You need to get some pictures up of your ondo so i can see what it looks like! love ya girl!

mom said...

I'm so excited that you finally have your blog up and running so I can keep up with what your doing. Not like I don't see you everyday. What fun Christmas morning is to wake up with the one you love. You two are so cute.

Dad said...

OK Whit it looks like Grandma was crying. Am I right? She must have realized that you are not that little girl any more and that you are a Real Live Married Women! She loves you so much, I wish we could have stayed for the activities that afternoon. You guys look wonderful.

Aaron & Kensie said...

Yeah, your blog looks so good and your background looks so stinkin cute. I just love it.

Ryan said...

You two just need to keep practicing Mario Kart. I will be waiting.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha I was totally taking pictures last night funny huh finally following through with my promise... ps I got a job about time:)