Saturday, September 5, 2009

More Birthday!!

After California when everyone was home we had a big birthday party for Nic and Aaron. We had a BBQ, pool party and I made the sweetest birthday cake ever! Ha ha
I was in charge of the cake so I asked Nic what cake he wanted, jokingly he said a pirate birthday cake well... look what he got :)
Happy Birthday boys we love you!

Gotta love it:) Sweet huh!

Grandma Hill, Mom and Beautiful Baby Maycie

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad!!!!!!
I love it that my parents have the same birthday how sweet is that! For their birthday Nic, I, Aaron and Kensie took them up to the new Texas Roadhouse in Lehi it was so good and fun! Now thier in Indiana to visit Trevor, Holly, Max and Annika and to drive home with Ryan from summer sells in New Jersey.
Happy Birthday We Love You! :)

They are so cute and funny :)


Annie said...

i'm totally impressed with your cake!

Holly said...

Max would have loved the cake - nice job!

Heather Jeppsen said...

Will you make me a birthday cake? Great job. Nick better be careful what he asks for!

nickandwhit said...

Thank you thank you I was pretty surprised it actually looked how it was suppose to haha :)

mom and dad said...

Sweet blog for the birthday boy's and the cake turned out perfect. Hey, maybe a new side job to get you through school. Thank's again for the awesome birthday dinner we love you both so very much.
Love, mom & dad

Aaron, Kensie and Maycie said...

Yeah for birthdys, they are the best!!! PS I absolutley loved the cake....Mrs. Domestic

Luana said...

That was a great cake! Very creative!

david and kinsley harper said...

how is life!!! i have not seen you forever!