Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lake and Motorcycling you know the fun stuff!

Nic, Diana, Dianas friend Courtney and I were able to go to the Nitro Circus premiere of Chicken Fried it was so amazing we got to meet Eric Roner and Jolene Van Vugt.

Crusing the lake with the fam:)

Riding Leo the Lions motorcycle (Joey's) Real Salt Lakes mascot

Motorcycling Warner Valley in St. George

Nics new bike :) He was so so excited! Finally part of the fam. Ha ha

Texas Roadhouse in St. George

Riding Cherry Creek in Eureka


mom said...

It was so great getting on your blog and seeing some action. Keep up the good work, I love looking at the pictures. Love, Mom

Aaron, Kensie and Maycie said...

Fun FUn FUN!!!!UPDate though... LOVE YOU SEXY SEXY